Share your .world.

There’s a reason it’s called the world wide web: the internet is a portal to understanding any topic, any place, any time. Having a .world domain is a way to embrace that, and welcome connection with people across the globe.

A .world domain is perfect for:

  • Brands with an international presence
  • Nonprofits and charities
  • Travel agencies
  • World travelers
  • Adventure companies
  • Global communities
  • Any business with “world” in its name

.world is an invitation

.world beckons visitors to share in something meaningful. It opens them up to new people and places. Whether you offer a deep dive into a smaller world, fresh opportunities to travel and explore, or broader perspectives on a global scale—.world gets them excited to make their mark in a new way.

With faraway places at our fingertips, .world embraces the opportunity to explore, go big, reach far—and have fun. It puts you on the map for adventurers, change-makers, and people whose passions extend beyond borders.

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